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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My luck......& life's mysterious and strange ways...

  • Face hard times :nothing to define good choices from
  • Get stuck in a rut that you can't get out of
  • All seems like a holiday
  • Everything falls apart
  • Too many choices : not sure who the hell you want to be
  • The choice falls away and all hoped for falls in your LAP

That's what happened to me, I have been having a strange and devoted career until "OLD Boys Clubs" and exchange rates started affecting my path to the top.

I decided not to care too much anymore and to let life take its course - Well what a blast so far ...didn't look for a job and got a good position with a great company. Then I wondered if the UK plans will ever come into affect....tried the company that I am currently working for - no luck so the plans had to change once again.

Out of the blue recruitment agency's started contacting me endlessly....and I respond by upgrading my interview skills. Well all went well until I was stuck with 3 choices.... 2 managing positions: one very tough but it felt like I succeeded, The second: what a breeze and the Company needs someone ASAP. 3rd choice but not definite: The company I'm working for needs people in the UK all of a sudden and I am in if I want it: Yeehaaaa !!!!

So that's it I'm stuck with my UK plans and it seems like all might start going my way ....so hold on and then it might just happen

I'll keep you updated with the progress of my UK plans....