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Friday, May 06, 2005

New horizons.. So I went through 2 tough interviews at a very reputable company last week and the week before .It all started off very technical in the first interview but I clinched it with my skills regarding networking and database technology. I didn't expect a call back for the second interview , but then again expect the unexpected second interview was very difficult with a lot of Logical questions and hammering from every angle. Here is some of the questions and exercise that they required me to answer and complete :
  • A bucket with a object inside that I cant see - I had to find out with 20 questions ( only yes or no answers to the questions)
  • 2 numbers across from each other ( 8 and 19 ) - how many numbers in the circle ?
  • Two triangles exact same size drafted on a graphs paper with one having a piece missing but the triangles equals in size ?
  • Why is manhole covers in the shape of a circle ?
There after they gave me a personality test to complete and then finally some installation of the software that the company develop with some failrly easy functionality testing The first interview lasted 1hour and 15 minutes , the second 2 hours and all of this while the HR and management viewed the interview from a webcam setup in the other branch. It was tough but I beefed up my career by accepting this position...The paycheck looks good and I can start focusing on something that I have been waiting for for quite a while. The only thing that is quite negative is the fact that I have to relocate...and I'll definitely miss the place where I am staying now ( Houtbay ). Hopefully all turns out good and that my career will grow into a success.